We are a global leader offering quick, reliable and timely delivery to various well known countries in the different parts of the world such as Australia, Italy, Germany, France and USA.

Excess Baggage

Whether you need the delivery of your baggage within a few days or weeks or months, we are here to assist you. We use durable bag wraps to protect your stuff against dampness and physical damage during the transit. If you have small parcel or wide range of luggage or accessories, we can deliver them in the same condition. Our customers trust us for a secure and safe environment for the transport of their luggage.

Document & Parcel

Our dedicated document and parcel delivery solutions help you keep your business moving. Our capability extends to safe document collection and delivery and courier services across our global network. We are specialized in handling all types of shipping varying from documents to non-documents such as electrical equipment, items, cargo, food items, books, and various types of household items. The delivery services are offered to the worldwide territories.

Food Items Delivery

Need some food items right now? We are the right place for you. We pick the various food items in small to large quantity and deliver them accurately at the right time. Our experts handle the food items carefully to minimize the damage to food packaging and ensure their delivery at your destination in the least possible time. So enjoy receiving fresh food and other groceries at the very affordable price.

Medecine Delivery

Are your facing troubles in getting the pharmacy? We offer the professional medicine delivery service by using the air and ground transport as needed to meet your immediate requirements. Choose our courier service that is specifically tailored to meet the challenging needs of pharmaceutical transport. We are highly knowledgeable professionals who deliver medical products to the wide range of medical units. The medicines are packed according to the standard safety protocols and are shipped to you in the minimal time.

Commercial Shipment

Just count on us for the reliable delivery of your consignments. We have designed the air and ground services specifically to suit your commercial shipping requirements. With our global wide network of carriers, agents and warehouses, we can best handle your shipment with the care it needs. Our skilled team will assist you in the required documentation and shipping options to make sure that your delivery is exactly on time.

Household Items

We are named for end-to-end solutions that cover the whole skills and services needed for the delivery of your household items. We offer bespoke solutions for your specific needs and geographic locations. Our conveniently located stores are open for 24 hours for the safe storage of your household belongings. We offer very affordable transport of your items so you can enjoy the safe delivery of the required items at any time when you need.


International Courier

We offer the complete range of international courier services for import and export in high value with risk management. We understand the importance of choosing a reliable courier company because numerous problems may occur and your delivery could stuck in customs while if handled by inexperienced freight persons. Choosing us takes your worries out.

Customer Satisfaction

We are instrumented in becoming the leading courier agency with substantial value to remain relevant as the logistics solutions provider in India. We have set-up and managed the in-house divisions that take care of your shipment. We are recognized as the pioneer in the logistics market with high customer satisfaction rate.

International Cargo

We are specialized in international logistics solutions with our extensive network to deliver you irrespective of your location in the world. We carefully understand your needs to offer the customized solutions that best meet your requirements, enabling you to focus on your main business.

Our logistics solutions feature:

  1. Air Freight- Outstanding air cargo service with in-depth knowledge in freight transportation via air

  2. Sea Freight- We offer the most efficient sea freight solutions that stand for consistency, flexibility and transparency.

  3. Warehousing- With well maintained warehouses in the different areas across the world, our logistics offer high security storage options with the highest local standards.

Sea - Export & Import

The transportation through sea has significantly increased over the decades. With our sea freight services, we process your requirements to deliver the tailored package.

Our sea import and export solutions include

  • Full container load (FCl) import and export
  • Half container load (HCl) import and export
  • Cargo loaded at your location and cleared the customs for delivery at the destination
  • Many sailings every week
  • Timely delivery
  • Transparent shipping charges
  • Extra services available upon request

We strive to deliver the highest quality service with specific carriers on the reasonable price so that our customers can receive excellent sea import and export solutions.

Windworld Cargo

We are a global leader offering quick, reliable and timely delivery to various well known countries in the different parts of the world such as Australia, Italy, Germany, France and USA.  Our commitment to offer our access to the wide range of our reliable solutions, help you take the benefit of precise management of your fright it deserves. Our team of exceptionally trained and qualified transport consultants will not only offer you the solutions for your challenging freight needs, they even also offer wide range of options among of which you can choose any that suits your schedule and budget.

Wide range of shipment services available

International Courier- We have strategic arrangements and connections with global players to offer courier services in the various countries around the world.

International Cargo- Various options available are the highly reliable and competitive air freight to offer prompt ad timely delivery.

Sea - Export & Import- High quality, competitive and prompt delivery of your cargo with our tailored shipping services.

Excess Baggage- Travel internationally with our great baggage deal specifically tailored for you.

Household Items- We transport your bulky, fragile and delicate household goods easily.

Food Items Delivery- We cater to the customers worldwide with delivery of their food items in the shortest time.

Commercial Shipment – We manage your commercial shipments with the highest precision

Medicine Delivery- Receive special and unique medicine delivery services absolutely available at your door.

Document & Parcel- Safe and timely delivery of your documents and parcels of any size at any time.

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