Express Delivery

When you ship with Wind World Cargo, you have chosen a team of specialist in international shipping services. We offer an extreme range of express parcel and package service with shipping and tracking solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to know how we can deliver express delivery services with the best offers in the market based on industry or customer profile.

Document & Parcel

We are specialized in shipping a wide range of documents and non-document items such as electrical items, manufactured items, cargo shipments, air freight, and other items. We offer a convenient solution for shipping important documents and packages that need to be picked-up from your house and office and get delivered at the destination.

Industry Solutions

We offer a wide range of industrial shipment solutions that control the capabilities of its network to support customers with innovative and competitive supply chain networks. Delighting our internal and external customers and business associates through high quality service, continuous improvements in products and processes and quality management systems.

Medicine Delivery

Get in touch of leading international shipping company offering exclusive medicine delivery services to people across the world. With effective solution, we deliver critical and urgent medicines at your doorstep. You just need to place your order and we will buy and pack items by following the safety standards. Our skills include whole medicine courier, express delivery, lab delivery and lab sample courier pickup and delivery.

Food Products Delivery

Wind World Cargo is a leading courier service to send food items such as sweets, snacks, homemade eatable, pickles, masala, pulses, spices, savouries, rice, wheat, grocery items, jiggery, tamarind, masala pastes, condiments, Pooja items etc. We are an exclusive courier and cargo deliverer to send all types of food items to countries such as France, Italy, USA, Germany and Australia.

Domestic items delivery

We make transporting household items cheap and easy by helping customers connect directly with transporters. We offer easy access to shipping services to meet your needs at your price and ship with trust. The shipments are made on the same day. From booking to shipment, we help move your freight faster, cheaper and easier.


International Courier

With a rapid revolution in technology and telecommunication, we have become one of the largest courier company with personalized services. Our services have today successfully emerged as an international courier hub leaping into new century. We are a highly credible and trusted courier service provider to the major destinations abroad.

Customer Satisfaction

We are instrumented in becoming the leading courier agency with substantial value to remain relevant as the logistics solutions provider in India. We have set-up and managed the in-house divisions that take care of your shipment. We are recognized as the pioneer in the logistics market with high customer satisfaction rate.

International Cargo

We serve as a trusted interface for Indians living overseas. Our international connections bring you value added services. The best and most reliable cargo services provided by us lay a path for the long term relationship with our customers. We can handle international cargos independently and quickly with our outstanding cargo fleet.

Our logistics solutions feature:

  1. Air Freight- Outstanding air cargo service with in-depth knowledge in freight transportation via air

  2. Sea Freight- We offer the most efficient sea freight solutions that stand for consistency, flexibility and transparency.

  3. Warehousing- With well maintained warehouses in the different areas across the world, our logistics offer high security storage options with the highest local standards.

Sea - Export & Import

The transportation through sea has significantly increased over the decades. With our sea freight services, we process your requirements to deliver the tailored package.

Our sea import and export solutions include

  • Full container load (FCl) import and export
  • Half container load (HCl) import and export
  • Cargo loaded at your location and cleared the customs for delivery at the destination
  • Many sailings every week
  • Timely delivery
  • Transparent shipping charges
  • Extra services available upon request

We strive to deliver the highest quality service with specific carriers on the reasonable price so that our customers can receive excellent sea import and export solutions.

Windworld Cargo

We are a global leader offering quick, reliable and timely delivery to various well known countries in the different parts of the world such as Australia, Italy, Germany, France and USA.  Our commitment to offer our access to the wide range of our reliable solutions, help you take the benefit of precise management of your fright it deserves. Our team of exceptionally trained and qualified transport consultants will not only offer you the solutions for your challenging freight needs, they even also offer wide range of options among of which you can choose any that suits your schedule and budget.

Wide range of shipment services available

International Courier- We have strategic arrangements and connections with global players to offer courier services in the various countries around the world.

International Cargo- Various options available are the highly reliable and competitive air freight to offer prompt ad timely delivery.

Sea - Export & Import- High quality, competitive and prompt delivery of your cargo with our tailored shipping services.

Excess Baggage- Travel internationally with our great baggage deal specifically tailored for you.

Household Items- We transport your bulky, fragile and delicate household goods easily.

Food Items Delivery- We cater to the customers worldwide with delivery of their food items in the shortest time.

Commercial Shipment – We manage your commercial shipments with the highest precision

Medicine Delivery- Receive special and unique medicine delivery services absolutely available at your door.

Document & Parcel- Safe and timely delivery of your documents and parcels of any size at any time.

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